MAAP | Mapping the African American Past

Resistance and Self-Determination


Students will understand that…

•    Within the context of slavery, defining oneself as an equal member of society constitutes an acts of resistance.

•    Resistance can take different forms, including self-determination. (other forms – direct action, advocacy, education/intellectual leadership).

•    The definition of freedom has changed (and continues to change) as a result of efforts by African Americans (and other oppressed groups) to determine their own futures and to resist inequality.

•    One’s definition of effective resistance reflects one’s personal experience and political ideology/goals.

Essential Questions:

•    What constitutes an act of resistance?

•    What is freedom?

•    Are some acts of resistance more effective than others?

•    In what ways do our personal experiences shape our choices and actions?

•    Why do some people become bystanders?

Produced by CCNMTL, Chase, Teachers College, and CCI